Networking & Servers

VMWare ESXI Logo

I am currently operating 5 datacenter based VMware ESXI Virtualization Servers for a total computational capacity of 60 Ghz with an associated RAM capacity of 136 GB and 14TB of Storage. Contained in that server array is a total of 22 Virtual Servers for such purposes as Web Servers, Email, DNS, Live Stream Relaying, Streaming Media Hosting, VPN, Data Storage and more. If your problem requires the use of a commercial quality server, I can help.

CentOS Linux Logo

CentOS is the primary server operating system used for my linux boxes. Over 15 years experience in building, maintaining and customizing Red Hat based CentOS Linux Server.

I am also fluent in Ubuntu, Fedora, Kali and other derivative operating systems.

ISPConfig Logo

The OpenSource Server Hosting Managment Interface. I use open source for the increased security and cost reduction. I operate my own web, email, database, dns and other web hosting server all built around ISPConfig.

Kali Linux Logo

I started with using BackTrack 2 and used it through to BackTrack 5 before switching to Kali Linux when Backtrack became Kali.

I have created Attack Vector as tool for network security testing. It is written in BASH and uses a command line interface.

pfSense Logo

Netgears' pfSense Router Software is a great community based firewall that I use to secure my networks.

Plex Media Server Logo

Plex Media Server is a great multi media hosting and streaming platform that is cross platform compatible.

Ubiquiti Logo

Ubiquiti is a premiere network equiptment provider. The create the best products for medium and large scale wireless installations.